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Case Study: Corrugated Box vs Envelope With Molded Fiber Tray

Environmentally Sustainable Molded Fiber Tray - Reduced Shipping Costs

Molded Fiber Envelope Mailer Tray Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)

A major online retailer was in need of an economical, environmentally friendly tray and envelope shipping solution to replace their bulky and expensive corrugated box. Our engineers worked closely with our customer to design a molded fiber tray made from only newspaper and water that fit securely in their printed envelope to protect their product from damage in transit.

Our design incorporated sophisticated features and geometries to allow it to successfully navigate through USPS machines while reducing existing materials by 47%. The molded fiber tray allowed our customer to change their commercial parcel rate to a bulk flat rate thus saving over 50% per week on shipping costs.