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What WinePacks Can Do For You

WinePacks Molded Fiber Packaging by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)The choices for shipping wine are endless – from gift boxes to Styrofoam systems, there are a variety of different packaging methods available to protect your beloved bottles.  With so many different options, how do you know what is best for you?  Well, we can help make the decision a little easier for you with our own innovative wine packaging system that offers a number of benefits unmatched by other solutions currently on the market.

Our WinePacks® solution is made using molded fiber material that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.  Because it is made from abundantly available recycled newspaper, molded fiber is a cost-effective choice compared to other packaging mediums with high raw material costs.   It is the sensible choice as a sustainable and lesser expensive alternative to more common wine packaging materials such as polystyrene, vacuum formed PET and PVC, corrugated and plastic film suspension packs, foams, and die-cut corrugated materials.  Yet its economical price tag does not sacrifice its ideal properties as a packaging medium.  With its inherent resilience and blocking and bracing capabilities, molded fiber is able to outperform most vacuum-formed plastic, expanded polystyrene and corrugated designs.

Along with the benefits it yields as a molded fiber solution, WinePacks also offer a number of other advantages that most wine shipping distributors cannot match.  First and foremost, by shipping directly from the manufacturer, can save you upwards of 20% of all wine shipping purchases.  Rather than pushing bulk, allows you to purchase exactly what is needed to fulfill your packaging needs, with a minimum order requirement of only 1 kit (10 packs).   Orders are based upon quantities of ten packs in order to guarantee the best bang for your buck.  Included with each order will be the required amount of shipping cartons for your needs. This way orders can be reduced in size and weight allowing for quicker processing and lower prices.  Large and custom-sized orders can also be easily arranged, with a custom price quote that is designed to provide you with cost-saving shipping.

To top it off, also offers a free customer loyalty program.  By signing up for free, you are automatically eligible for instant savings of five percent on all orders as well as an express checkout option.

WinePacks® is a registered trademark of Molded Fiber Technology (MFT), Inc.