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End Caps & Edge Protectors

Designed properly, molded pulp end caps can provide the shock and vibration resistance required for many packaging applications.  Because they nest and stack up to 70% more efficiently than EPS, molded pulp can be cost competitive against EPS and offer significant savings in storage and shipping.. Add these features to the obvious environmental benefits that molded pulp delivers and it is easy to see why so many companies are turning to molded pulp end caps and edge guards for their interior packaging needs.

Molded fiber end cap packaging for Lexmark by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)

Featured Solution:

Recycled Packaging for Lexmark

With the help of a low-cost prototype tool, ink-jet printer manufacturer Lexmark was able to successfully test molded fiber cushions as a means of protective packaging.

Packaging engineers face the daily challenge of developing environmentally responsible packaging while at the same time controlling costs. When Lexington, KY-based Lexmark Intl. developed a new model of ink-jet printer, the company’s challenge was to find a packaging solution that would pass drop tests, be environmentally sound, and take up considerably less space to reduce both shipping and storage costs.  Read complete story...

Molded fiber end cap packaging for Lexmark Printer by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)
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