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Services - Engineering and Fabrication

MFT-CKF is structured to serve you. We help guide you from design concept all the way to the production runs for both small and large programs. MFT-CKF has the most manufacturing capacity of any molded pulp industrial products packaging organization in North America.

  • Tool Design:
    MFT-CKF has its own in-house tooling design and tooling manufacturing staff and facility. With close control over the tooling process, you can be assured that each step of the tooling process is managed properly and efficiently, leading to faster turnaround times for your package.
  • Production Parts:
    The staff at our North American manufacturing facilities are experts at scheduling your production parts to be at your location when you need them. We have the most manufacturing capacity in North America, so we are able to handle your demands even when seasonality or unexpected high-volume periods occur.

MFT-CKF manufactures solely in North America, but has established world-wide relationships to source material for global manufacturing.

  1. Design and Engineering
    Our Design Engineers have extensive experience in working with molded pulp. With the thousands of designs that our engineers have tackled, we have the know-how to design a package that will work.
  2. 3D printed modeling
    Customers have the option of creating a 3D printed model based on their design. The model would be printed with ABS plastic and would demonstrate form and fit.
  3. Performance Prototyping Tooling / Packaging Testing:
    MFT-CKF can produce a "Performance Prototype" tool for testing purposes. A typical performance prototype tool yields approximately 40 to 50 testable sample parts.
    We package test all our samples internally as well as with certified ISTA test labs including the UPS Professional Services lab.
  4. Production Tooling:
    Each mold is a complex, precision-machined aluminum or plastic form that has a screen affixed to the outside. The screen separates the pulp from the water as vacuum draws the slurry mixture through it in the forming process.

    In addition to the forming tools, delivery heads or transfer tools are needed to remove the wet articles from the molds. Delivery heads are matched mated sets of tools that conform to the rear of a formed article and are cast from a semi-flexible polyurethane material. These tools are also evacuated so they can draw a vacuum around the rear of an article to transfer it from the mold to the oven.
  5. North American Manufacturing
    Our facilities are located in El Paso, TX and Clinton, IA (Industrial Protective Packaging), Langley, BC (Pulp and Foam food packaging) , Hantsport, NS (Pulp food Packaging), , Rexdale ONT (Foam and PET food packaging) and Delta, BC (PET food packaging). 
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