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Protecting Products & The Environment Since 1991

Molded Fiber Products

100% Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

UFP Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging solutions made from 100% recycled molded pulp / molded fiber material.  Whether you are looking at traditional molded pulp interior protective packaging or our specialty retail packaging with high aesthetic appeal that conveys a “sustainable” cachet, we can fulfill your needs. 

UFP Technologies uses proprietary equipment that is able to manufacture deep draw designs with steeper draft angles than typical molded pulp manufacturers. This technology along with our extensive design experience allows us to create packaging solutions that can replace expanded polystyrene (EPS) and other materials that are less friendly to the environment.

As a material and a process, molded fiber is an excellent protective packaging medium. The inherent flexibility of molded pulp offers substantial cushioning qualities and the "geometry" that we incorporate into each design lends strength to each part. With our proprietary manufacturing processes and experienced engineers, we design your packaging to be sturdy and effective.

UFP Technologies’ packaging can be tested in-house as well as at independent ISTA certified packaging laboratories.

Common Applications

Unlike most molded pulp / molded fiber manufacturers, UFP Technologies is not limited to the production of standard end caps, trays, and box inserts.  Innovative “after-pressing” capabilities allow us to create retail friendly packaging options like folding cartons and clamshells.



Many packaging designers don’t give a lot of consideration to molded pulp when looking for a clamshell or other type of enclosed retail packaging container, but hinged molded pulp containers have been used for decades as egg cartons.

Clamshell Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies

End Caps

Designed properly, molded pulp end caps can provide the shock and vibration resistance required for many packaging applications.

End Cap Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies


Anyone who has ever had to carry a few drinks from the concession stand to your seat at a sporting event is familiar with molded pulp trays.

Tray Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies

Standard Products

As the leading manufacturer of thin gauge molded pulp / molded fiber in the United States, UFP Technologies has extensive capabilities in the design and manufacture of all types of custom packaging. Over the years, we’ve also developed a number of standard product lines including our extensive line of molded pulp wine shippers.


Candle Packs

Protect jarred candles in shipping with our standard line of candle packs that fit 14 oz to 26 oz Libby style jars with flat or rounded lids.

Candle Pack Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies

Wine Shippers

UFP Technologies is an industry pioneer in the development and supply of molded fiber interior packaging for shipping wine.

Wine Packs Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies

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