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Environmental Policy

Recognizing that the world’s natural resources are limited and fragile, MFT-CKF considers environmental protection to be consistent with its overall goals, values and operating principles. At MFT-CKF we strive to minimize our impact on the environment in the manufacturing of all our products. The management team at MFT-CKF and its employees are committed to:

  • Compliance with relevant legal environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.
  • Promoting the prevention of pollution.
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

Companies all over the world are strengthening their commitment to reducing waste in packaging and looking for more sustainable and recyclable resources to minimize the impact their products have on our environment. Of course, as this trend grows, nearly every packaging manufacturer is rolling out some products that are more environmentally friendly.  The big question is how friendly are these packaging alternatives. 

In this section of our site, we review some of the common terminologies used when discussing Green Packaging and provide guidance on how each concept applies to molded pulp

Sustainable Packaging
Information on sustainable packaging guidelines as outlined by the The World Commission on Environment and Development.

EPS Alternative
Learn more about the benefits of molded pulp when compared to expanded polystyrene as a protective packaging material.