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Looking to create your own GREEN molded fiber packaging? MFT-CKF is here to help! We can guide you through the entire packaging design and decision-making process. We have the capabilities to meet your project’s demands with our proprietary machinery and our in-house design-engineering and tooling resources.

A molded pulp project typically would move forward as follows:

  • Evaluation 
    We pride ourselves on being objective consultants with each new project. We can help determine if molded pulp is a viable material for your needs. If we feel we cannot deliver the best final product with our molded pulp material, we will suggest another direction for your project, even if it is not with us.
  • Determine Project Specifics 
    Project specifics are reviewed (how would the part be manufactured, what are the volumes, testing criteria, etc.). Once it is determined that molded pulp is a viable option, we would move forwards with a pricing estimate.
  • Pricing Estimate 
    With an idea on what the annual usage might be along with an understanding of the dimensions for the part, we can estimate pricing. We can then come up with a design concept and create a 3-D design in SolidWorks®.
  • Design Finalization 
    Once samples are approved, the article design is finalized, and we move into the tooling design and manufacturing phase.
  • Prototype Tooling 
    MFT-CKF has several different molded fiber prototyping options available including 3-D printed models, "1-up" models and Performance Prototypes for performance testing. Our sales and design experts can explain each option in detail.
  • Production Tooling 
    Production tooling from MFT-CKF consists of forming and transfer molds as well as after pressing dies that give your parts a finished, "retail" look. Our in-house design and tooling shop allows us to maintain strict control over the process, ensuring you a satisfactory outcome. MFT-CKF will maintain and guarantee your tooling for several years and millions of parts.

To learn more about our design, engineering and fabrication process, and certifications visit the links below:

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