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Case Study: Corrugated Box vs Envelope With Molded Fiber Tray

A major online retailer needed an economical, environmentally friendly tray and envelope shipping solution to replace their bulky and expensive corrugated box. Our engineers worked closely with our customer to design a molded fiber tray, made from only newspaper, recycled kraft clippings and water, to fit securely in their printed envelope. The packaging solution effectively protected their product from damage in transit and resulted in a 47% reduction in materials and a 50% reduction in shipping costs.

Aveda Uruku Lipstick Packaging

Innovative health and beauty products manufacturer Aveda worked with MFT-CKF to introduce molded pulp packaging into the cosmetics industry with the award-winning packaging design for the Uruku Lipstick line.

Molded Fiber Stock Items: Wine Packs and Candle Packs

MFT-CKF features a line of stock items for the wine and candle industries that requires no tooling investment by the end user. 

Lexmark Protective Packaging

With the help of a low-cost prototype tool, ink-jet printer manufacturer Lexmark was able to successfully test molded fiber cushions as a means of protective packaging. As a result, the company enjoys both cost savings and environmental benefits.

100% Recyclable Packaging Solution

Sustainability and recyclability are major concerns facing the global packaging industry along with demonstrating concern for the environment to customers. A leading, domestic foam supplier was in need of an environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging material.

Sustainable Molded Fiber Packaging: Package Your Product in Newspaper and Water

As trendsetters such as Walmart have shown, working with suppliers to create sustainable packaging is vital for retailers and manufacturers looking to reduce input, transport, storage, and disposal costs, as well as promote their concern for the environment to consumers.

Our Molded Fiber Operations and the Environment

With words like a ‘sustainability’ and ‘organic’ becoming common rhetoric in the 21st century, there is no question that in today’s day and age the color ‘green’ carries a lot of weight.  All members of the supply chain, from manufacturers to consumers, are becoming more in tune with how their decisions impact our planet and its future.

What Makes Our Molded Fiber Operations Unique

In the early 1990’s, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) was the first North American molded fiber manufacturing organization to commercially develop what was traditionally known as the ‘egg carton process’ into custom industrial molded pulp packaging.  More than twenty years later, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) continues to remain a leader in the molded fiber industry in the design and manufacturing of protective packaging solutions. 

Exceeding Expectations, Generating Powerful Solutions

For us here at Molded Fiber Technology (MFT), innovation can come in many different forms.  From more efficient manufacturing processes to advances in materials, we see it as our job to continuously search for new improvements that add greater value for our customers.  Many times, innovation comes in the form of specialty packaging or a component design that exceeds expectations.

Consumer Demand Fuels Growth for Green Packaging Industry

Recent reports indicate that consumer demand for green packaging is continuing to increase1, as consumers are becoming more aware and in tune with the lifecycle and environmental impact of the products they purchase.  Undoubtedly, sustainability and ‘green’ efficiencies continue to play a much greater role in consumer purchasing decisions than in the past and are consequently driving change among the industry.

Direct to Consumer Wine Sales Experiencing Impressive Growth – Positive Outlook for Unique WinePack

Direct-to-consumer wine sales and shipments are on the rise nationally and there is no indication of this trend slowing down anytime soon.  As reported by Wine & Vines magazine and ShipCompliant, the value of the direct-to-consumer wine shipments marketplace exceeded $1.34 billion from May 2011 to April 2012, culminating to an impressive 11.5% growth rate for this 12-month period. 

What WinePacks Can Do For You

The choices for shipping wine are endless – from gift boxes to Styrofoam systems, there are a variety of different packaging methods available to protect your beloved bottles.  With so many different options, how do you know what is best for you?  Well, we can help make the decision a little easier for you with our own innovative wine packaging system that offers a number of benefits unmatched by other solutions currently on the market.