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TerraCoat™ Molded Fiber Coating Technology

TerraCoat™ is an MFT-CKF proprietary coating technology applied to molded fiber packaging to reduce particulate and prevent scuffs. With TerraCoat, the need for protective plastic bags in transit is also reduced.

Less plastic and fewer packaging components results in a more sustainable solution, lower costs, and a better user experience with ease of disposal for the consumer.

Additionally, TerraCoat improves the strength and aesthetics of the molded fiber with a more uniform, smooth, and premium finish.


Reduces dust and particulateReduces dust and particulate
Improves strength and aestheticsImproves strength and aesthetics
Prevents scuffs and marringPrevents scuffs and marring
Eliminates need for plastic bagsEliminates need for plastic bags
Sustainable alternative to plastics and foamsSustainable alternative to plastics and foams
Recyclable and landfill friendlyRecyclable and landfill friendly

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TerraCoat is a proprietary coating solution applied to our molded fiber packaging, made from 100% recycled newspapers, fibers and water. The material is certified recyclable and re-pulpable by Western Michigan University's Recycling Pilot Plant and is considered landfill friendly.

Molded Fiber and TerraCoat material contents


TerraCoat is ideal for consumer and hardware products where particulate could potentially be an issue. Protect your products and the environment with UFP’s TerraCoat solutions.

Personal care productsPersonal care products
Consumer electronicsConsumer electronics
Home and bath hardwareHome and bath hardware
Medical devicesMedical devices
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