Protecting Products & The Environment Since 1991


UFP Technologies takes pride in helping your company fulfill its vision. Origins for recycled paper packaging were based in the food and agricultural industries, but UFP Technologies was the first to expand applications to the following markets:

Computers & Electronics

For our customers in the electronics industry UFP Technologies provides highly engineered molded fiber protective packaging for computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. 


UFP Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing molded fiber packaging for beverages including fragile items such as wine and glass soda bottles.


Our cost effective and environmentally friendly molded fiber interior packaging solutions for the consumer market reduce packing labor and require less storage space while providing superior protection at every stage of the supply chain. Our molded fiber is 100% recyclable, providing convenience and ease of disposal for consumers.

Consumer Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies


UFP Technologies has pushed advances in its “after-pressing” technology to create retail-friendly packages with a finer surface finish and higher aesthetic value. We can combine these capabilities with color options and embossing allowing us to offer capabilities that are unique to the industry. 

Retail Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies

Health & Beauty

100% recycled and recyclable molded fiber is a perfect complement to natural beauty products. Our after-pressing capability gives packaging a clean and retail-ready finish.

Health & Beauty Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies


Stackable and nestable molded fiber trays are ideal for lightweight industrial products, such as plumbing fixtures, as they reduce shipping costs and protect delicate surfaces.

Industrial Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies

Medical & Scientific

UFP Technologies’ 100% recycled molded pulp packaging has proven to be an excellent protective packaging medium for the medical & scientific market. We have the ability to make gray, white, and pressed products with the manufacturing and design capabilities to meet the stringent needs of the medical & scientific industry.

Medical & Scientific Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP Technologies