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Protecting Products & The Environment Since 1991

Recycled Molded Fiber Packaging by UFP TechnologiesWhat better way to preserve the environment than to utilize packaging made from 100% recycled materials. That is what you get with UFP Technologies' molded fiber packaging material. Our products are produced entirely from recycled newspapers and water. 

Aside from the environmental benefits to using recycled materials, we also benefit from using a resource that has been recycled for decades and is in plentiful supply. This is an important consideration when evaluating potential packaging materials as many recycled packaging options suffer from supply shortages when demand spikes or commodity prices for virgin ingredients rise.

Unlike many newer eco-friendly materials, molded pulp is proven. It has been used for decades and its technology and supply base are very mature and reliable. It’s biodegradable, sustainable, and subject to fewer international regulations. Plus, due to our design and manufacturing expertise, molded fiber is now being widely used in consumer packaging applications with high aesthetic requirements.

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