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Why Molded Fiber?

Sustainable, Environmentally Responsible Protective Packaging

Made from 100% post-industrial recyclable materials, molded fiber/molded pulp is a cost effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution that reduces packing labor and require less storage space while providing superior protection at every stage of the supply chain.

The inherent flexibility of molded fiber offers substantial cushioning qualities and the "geometry" that we incorporate into each design lends strength to each part.

For over 30 years, MFT-CKF has delivered innovative and environmentally-responsible, protective packaging solutions to the consumer goods, electronics, and industrial products sectors across North America.

Features and Benefits

Molded fiber is cost competitive Helps reduce packaging costs
Material is strong, yet flexible Provides excellent product protection
Molded fiber packaging nests and stacks easily Efficient use of shipping and storage space
Molded fiber comes ready to use with no assembly needed Reduces labor required for packaging end products
Made from recycled material and is recyclable An environmentally responsible protective
Tools are precision machined from aluminum or plastic Tools last longer
MFT-CKF is vertically integrated Good designs improve performance and cuts costs
Most capacity in the industry Economies of scale can help reduce overall costs


Packaging Material Comparison

Molded Fiber
Corrugated Fiberboard
Thermoformed Plastic
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Cost Medium Low Medium Medium
Shipping & storage efficiency Nests well Stores flat Nests well No nesting
Project development time 4-6 weeks 2-3 weeks 4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks
Assembly & handling No assembly required Assembly required No assembly required No assembly required
Environmental Recycled and recyclable Some recycled content Some recycled content Claims to be but not practical


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