Protecting Products & The Environment Since 1991

Why Molded Fiber?

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging

UFP Technologies is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of molded fiber (also known as molded pulp) packaging solutions made from 100% recycled paper.  Our cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions reduce packing labor and require less storage space while providing superior protection at every stage of the supply chain.

As a material and a process, molded fiber is an excellent protective packaging medium. The inherent flexibility of molded pulp offers substantial cushioning qualities and the "geometry" that we incorporate into each design lends strength to each part. With our proprietary manufacturing processes and experienced engineers, we design your packaging to be sturdy and effective.

For over 30 years, UFP Technologies’ molded fiber group has been delivering innovative, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, protective packaging solutions for consumer goods, electronics, and industrial products to customers across North America.

When creating retail-friendly packaging, the aesthetic appeal and design are vital to the success of your product. Catching the eye of a consumer and differentiating your product from your competitors will help lead you to success.

At UFP Technologies, we have created numerous successful display packaging solutions utilizing molded fiber material. We have made advances in the design and manufacturing of molded fiber utilizing "after-pressing" technology to create retail-friendly packages with a finer surface finish and higher aesthetic value. We can combine these capabilities with color options and embossing, offering capabilities to you that are unique in the industry.

We have created molded pulp packaging solutions for a variety of markets including: