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Clamshells & Containers

Many packaging designers don’t give a lot of consideration to molded pulp when looking for a clamshell or other type of enclosed retail packaging container, but hinged molded pulp containers have been used for decades as egg cartons.  What we have done is to take these relatively simple products and enhance them for use in more rugged industrial applications as well as retail applications requiring a more aesthetic appeal.

Molded fiber clamshell and container packaging by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)

Featured Solution:

Aveda Puts Better Face on the Earth's Environment with New Lipstick Package

By overcoming challenges associated with design, tooling costs, surface finish, and parts cost, MFT-CKF helped a major cosmetic manufacturer develop a secondary package utilizing 100% post industrial content. The innovative clamshell design helped usher the way for molded pulp packaging acceptance in the cosmetic industry.  Read complete story...

Molded fiber packaging for Aveda Lipstick by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)

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