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Exceeding Expectations, Generating Powerful Solutions

For us here at Molded Fiber Technology (MFT), innovation can come in many different forms.  From more efficient manufacturing processes to advances in materials, we see it as our job to continuously search for new improvements that add greater value for our customers.  Many times, innovation comes in the form of specialty packaging or a component design that exceeds expectations.  These applications can serve to improve quality, functionality, cost savings, or aesthetics, along with a list of other benefits.  In most cases, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) will generate packaging and component solutions that provide a mix of all of these qualities; such is the case with our recent industrial door closure packaging system for a leading manufacturer.

Door Hinge Molded Fiber Packaging by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)Working closely with our customer, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) team of certified packaging engineers were able to design and manufacture a molded fiber packaging solution that fit multiple models of an industrial door closing mechanism into one tray design.  This optimally-designed and creatively-organized packaging solution accommodated nearly 30 different door closure configurations.  This efficiency helped to save significant costs on tooling, because only one set of tooling was required to manufacture the packaging tray.  With only one packaging design for 30 products, money was saved in production as well as in storage and transportation by improving operating efficiencies.  The packaging was made using 100% recycled and reusable molded fiber, which provided our customer with both a recyclable and a sustainable solution.  The durability of the molded fiber material was able to protect the closure systems that weighed over 10 pounds on average.  To enhance its aesthetics, our engineers were able to press the molded fiber into a smooth, visually-appealing finish that still provided superior protection.   This solution also offered cost advantages in its ability to be manufactured in automated, high volume environments.

The packaging’s advanced design made for a simple, yet extraordinarily effective, solution.  Never sacrificing quality, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) was able to give our customer the best of both worlds – a cost effective, flexible solution that was also durable and environmentally-friendly.  With our goal to continuously ‘wow’ our customers through innovation, it is our commitment to create solutions that never force our customers to settle.