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Molded Fiber – 100% Recyclable Packaging Solution

Dell Computer Molded Fiber Packaging by Molded Fiber Technology (MFT)Problem:
Sustainability and recyclability are major concerns facing the global packaging industry along with demonstrating concern for the environment to customers. A leading, domestic foam supplier was in need of an environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging material. International suppliers in China and Mexico were sought. Supply chain issues and communication proved to be difficult and Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) was approached with the opportunity to supply a 100% recyclable packaging solution. The solution needed to provide superior protection to fragile, electronic products.

Utilizing our in-house engineering team, we designed a solution and then prototyped using 100% recycled molded fiber as the material, knowing that molded fiber packaging works well for shipping electronics worldwide. We provided production quality samples that were able to pass a multitude of performance tests. With good communication, price competitiveness, excellent engineering and service and a reliable domestic supply of recycled material, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) was able to provide a custom packaging solution that differentiated us from the competition. Our ability to add value through our design capabilities helped to satisfy our customer’s demand for environmentally friendly packaging that also performed.

Customer Success:
Our customer’s need for a reliable, domestic supplier of 100% recycled material packaging was satisfied. Through our responsiveness and design expertise, Molded Fiber Technology (MFT) was able to supply a quality product at a competitive price.


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly, renewable resource
  • Made of 100% post-consumer, recycled newspaper and water
  • Ability to after-press molded fiber material into non-traditional, packaging
  • High tonnage pressing allows for capacity to produce a varying range of after-pressed parts and options
  • Reduces transport and storage costs as it requires less space to ship and store